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Agate and Amethyst Skull

Designer: Wildflowers & Sunshine Boutique

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Are you drawn to them or freaked out a bit?

I used to be team totally freaked out. I didn’t understand the point in having something that was “dark magic” when I was doing light work. That was of course till I found my skull. Then in true me fashion I became very curious as to why all the sudden I was so drawn to this one skull and how the heck did I work with it.

What surprised me was my skull didn’t hold a dark energy, she held a very loving almost ancient vibrational energy. I started to work with her during my meditation and as crazy it might sound, she grounded me into a different consciousness and expanded my mind.

Crystal skulls haven been looked at as spooky for years but they weren’t allows seen that way nor do we have to keep seeing them that way. For some it may be a trigger of death.