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Gold Sheen Obsidian Eclipse

Designer: Wildflowers & Sunshine Boutique

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First it’s not actually much of a crystal. It’s volcanic glass!!! The gold sheen happens as gas bubbles try to raise to the surface and get trapped just below! (Totally needing out! So freakin cool!)

Gold Sheen Obsidian has long been known as the stone of magic. With its origin coming from the deep center of the Earth it’s not surprise it holds a deep grounding energy, allowing us to feel safe and protected. While also challenging us to go deep into healing our traumas and fears. It is only when we address these deep dark shadows that we can create a life of balance and peace.

This stone works beautifully during times when you are working to manifest big changes or find your life propose because it forces us to move past our biggest blocks. I even love the way the gold sheen is a sparkling surprise in the deep dark endless black of Obsidian.

An eclipse has been known as a symbol of exponential growth and rapid change. Representing a time to focus on our most personal desires and goals. 

Together this Gold Sheen Obsidian Eclipse creates a big positive, magical, manifesting energy!