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Lavender Fluorite Freeform Slab

Designer: Wildflowers & Sunshine Boutique

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Lavender Fluorite aka Yttrium Fluorite

This incredibly high vibrational crystal is all kinds of dreamy! It further supports and encourages the development of our mystical and spiritual growth. If you are needing a boost in mental energy and clarity with complex or difficult issues, Lavender Fluorite is your go to crystal!!

These pieces can be slabs to build an alter on or self stand!!

But while it provides a beautiful high vibin energy it also has this sense of serenity and calm. Great for stress relief.

It’s been called the manifestation stone for these reasons. Allowing us to raise our vibration and work through challenges while finding peace and trusting the universe, is kind of the basic definition of manifesting

Hand Craved and ethically sourced from Brazil