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Rubellite In Lepidolite

Designer: Wildflowers & Sunshine Boutique

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Your best girl friends are finally together!!

Sparkling Lepidolite with stunning Rubellite inclusion carries the highest Divine Feminine energy with a soothing, sexiness that just keeps you brave and sure.

Rubellite is the hot pink lipstick, confident radiating, all in her feels chick of the crystal world. She tells us to open our heart and feel our feelings while putting in check that masculine energy of control, structure and taking action. She falls for love hard but believes no matter the heart break love will always win.

Lepidolite, she is your soft friend, that solid steady place to rest and find balance. She is the night in, on the couch in sweat pants with a messy bun, greasy pizza, bubble wine and throw back boy band jams. Just what the heart and souls needs to make whatever it is you are going through seem okay in the morning light.

So when these two gals join together in the mineral world something very beautiful happens. They dear you to step into your feelings with your heart wide open, flooding you with all the love and bravery you need while knowing that everything is going to be alright. Together they are your steadiness when your world seems a bit shaken. They refuse the idea that you won’t heal and instead hold your hand to heal your heart and raise stronger.