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Shadow Goddess Bracelet

Designer: Wildflowers & Sunshine Boutique

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Shadow Goddess

  • Labradorite- Intentions
  • Golden Sheen Obsidian- Assist in revealing the root of the problem 
  • Black Tourmaline- Grounding; Ulitimate negativity blocker 
  • Howlite- Assists in dissolving negativity, brings light
  • Black Onyx- Releases blockages
  • Hematite- Absorbs negative vibrations
  • Lava Stones- *for essential oil use*

Dive deep into your shadows, find the discomfort, unpack it, and dissolve it. To find true peace we have to confront our shadows, the things we like least about ourselves. Then release the anger, hate, and darkness. Shadow work is hard and takes a brave person, the reward is pure bliss. 

Bracelets are handmade and string tone approximately 7” in diameter.


All sets are Cleansed by Palo Santos or White Sage then Reiki  activated  by yours truly! They hold an incredible energy the sec they are opened 



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