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The Wildflowers Mala -custom

Designer: Wildflowers & Sunshine Boutique

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A Mala designed just for your growing babe! 

This is for a custom Sunshine Mala (mini), 72 beads makes it prefect for older children! We will work together to create a Mala that will energetically support and nurture your child’s energy needs. 

As a Mom of 3 I understand that every little has different energy needs. Mala’s are a great tool to introduce meditation, mantra work and crystal energy support. We will work together to create a loving energy that supports your child. I’m very careful to use crystals that will not over power or weigh down your child’s energy. Instead support them in moments of stress and melt downs, while allowing all that’s good and beautiful about them to flourish. I take a lot of care in designing these sweet necklaces to make sure they provide a sense of love and safety. We talk about your child’s zodiac, personality traits and areas you feel they could use support. Then I tie it all together with a Mother’s love, infuse it with Reiki energy and ask our guides to support, love and protect your child as they work with their Mala and move through life. 

I am so beyond honored you are allowing and trusting me to create something so special. Like I said, I’m a Mom, I know how much you love your babe and want to provide them with the best tools possible as they grow and blossom into incredible adults. All a Mom ever wants is their child to know they are loved, supported and they can handle or cope with life’s challenges. Introducing your babe to a Mala and energy work early on is a great foundation for making that happen. 

You got this Mama, I’m here to support you. 


*Note the $78 payment today is a DEPOSIT.  My Mala’s completed price range is $115-$125. The deposit allows me to set aside time to work with you and your energy, order any speciality crystals and work with many different materials to create an exact match for you and your budget. If you have a set budget in mind we will discuss that and what I can do it stay within that. The remainder of the cost will be due upon completion before I ship your sacred jewelry. If payment is not received within a week of completion you will forfeit your deposit and I will be allowed to list the item as ready to ship. Turnaround time starts at 3-5 business days if I have your crystals in stock, out of stock items have a turnaround time of 7-9 business days.