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Tricolor Tourmaline in Albite

Designer: Wildflowers & Sunshine Boutique

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These RARE and in trancing beauties stimulate the 3rd eye and heart in a powerful way. 

First Albite, the soft shimmery white crystal that formed around the tourmaline. Works with the brain and inspires us to take big action. Very useful during mediation to gain clarity and intensify your intuitive gifts. 

Then Tourmaline, in general, tourmalines release tension though each color stimulates a different chakra they are powerful mental healers. Because each peace is different and carries different energy I am listing the Tourmaline color healing properties but trust your intuition and select the crystal that calls to you. 

Blue- Higher spiritual consciousness. Helps us understand the reason for your emotional trauma 

Green- Improve your demeanor and attract friendship. It reminds us to love yourself first

Pink- All about the heart, caring and unconditional love, it nurtures the emotional body.

Red or Rubilite- Helps us find emotional strength and links the heart to the world. 

Watermelon- Heals the heart and lungs. Helps us release unhealthy habits and centre ourselves back to our heart. 

May also include Quartz and Lepidolite 

All stones and crystals are cleansed by Palo Santo or Sage smoke and Reiki activated.


Please note that crystals, minerals, and fossils are natural products and are rarely perfect. I do my best to capture each piece as truly as possible in a photo. Mother Earth has created these astounding beauties and so graciously shares them with us, but I cannot guarantee protection or prefect points, I personally believe there is so much beauty in imperfection. Every item has at least one image that is outside in natural lighting. Some images are edited to create a mood or vibe but never to pass off mistruths about the item.


All Descriptions and content is Copyrighted by Wildflowers & Sunshine LLC 

.Disclaimer: None of this information is meant to replace medical advice. I am NOT a doctor. Please consult your doctor for assistance with any physical or mental health concerns. Crystals, minerals, gems, and herbs are NOT a replacement for healthcare Treatment. Information in my descriptions is for spiritual purposes and my personal experiences. Please do your own research on the safety of certain minerals.